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  • EntityFramework
A library that extends the functionality of Entity Framework by adding batch update, future queries and audit logs.
EntityFramework Profiler
EntityFramework Profiler is a real-time visual debugger allowing a development team to gain valuable insight and perspective into their usage of EntityFramework. The product is architected with input coming from many top industry leaders within the OR/M community. Alerts are presented in a concise... More information
Breeze Client and Server (obsolete) - Javascript client with Legacy ASP.NET Web API and Entity Framework 5 server
The files and references that are essential for a Breeze Legacy ASP.NET Web API Entity Framework 5 application. We recommend installing this package shortly after creating a project with the "ASP.NET Empty Web Application" template or one of the MVC 4 templates such as the "ASP.NET MVC 4 Empty"... More information
Microsoft Azure Mobile Services .NET Backend Entity Framework Extension
This package contains everything you need to expose structured storage using Entity Framework as part of your .NET mobile backend hosted in Microsoft Azure. For more information, check out http://azure.microsoft.com/mobile